16. Juni 2017
The Five Dragon Temple is the oldest daoist temple at Mt. Wudang. The temple was built in honour of Zhen Wu 真武 - "The True Warrior", who lived in the mountain and overcame after 42 years of cultivation the reign of the five dragons.
15. Juni 2017
In this post i would like to share with you some thoughts and points on the meaning of the Taiji Mudra, what is used within the Hui Chun Qigong and in the meditation of the 7 Consciousnesses.
14. Juni 2017
Here you can find a short overview of the names of each exercise!
08. Juni 2017
WDP Wudang Principles "Die 10 Urprinzipien" in der Übersicht!
01. Juni 2017
In three episodes the Wudang "Bee Daoist" Jia Yong Xiang talks with Ismet Himmet about fundamental points of the daoist way!